Episode 13: Health with Lori McGinnis

Lori has been a Group Fitness Instructor for 33 years and is currently leading classes with 24 hour fitness

Why Be Healthy

Fitness is a gift. Not everybody is able to use their bodies, so being able to use your body is a gift.

What is the best way to determine what kind of exercise you should do?

  • Think about what you enjoy doing:
    • sports
    • walking
    • Do you enjoy exercising alone, or do you need accountability?
  • Try lots of different things before you decide what is going to work for you, there are a lot of different ways to exercise.

Spiritual Health and Physical Health

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

If our bodies are not healthy, how can we serve the Lord to our fullest capacity? It would be sad to be so unhealthy you aren’t able to do the things you want or that God has called you to do.

We all must start somewhere. Keep breathing. Keep moving. Have fun. Remember how you feel the first week then compare that to how you feel after 6 months, and you’re going to be impressed with how far you have you come.

The people that usually stop coming don’t even make it through the first workout, so modify what you’re doing, even if it is just marching in place. Stick with it. We all started somewhere, we all walked into that first class. The difference is, did you stick with it?

It’s Hard to do Good Things

Humans thrive in discipline. In everything, we benefit from discipline, and because of this, it is important to find an exercise plan that you enjoy doing. Having accountability also really helps. You can find that in group fitness or team fitness.

Stress and Exercise

When you exercise, there is a natural release. Exercise is a natural stress release and can help with anxiety and depression if you do it on a regular basis.

 How to Get Started

  1. Go to the Doctor make sure you’re healthy enough to exercise and find out where you need to improve.
  2. Know what your goals are
  3. Find out what kind of exercise can help you reach your goals.
  4. Try different exercises routines and find one you enjoy and stick with it.

How to Know if an Exercise it Right for You

  1. How do you feel” If you are in extraordinary pain you’re doing the right exercise?
  2. Do you enjoy doing.
  3. Are you feeling better
  4. Are you less stressed
  5. Are you looking better

Quick Tips

  • When you’re doing good things for your body, it motivates you to do other good things for your body.
  • Dieting will help you lose weight. Exercise will supercharge that so do both of them.
  • There are no quick fixes to lowering stress, but exercise can help.
  • If your goal is to lose weight, cardio will burn calories. Strength training will raise your metabolism.
  • Resistance training is good for strength and bone density.
  • Feeling good is a better goal than just looking good.
  • Start as soon as you can.

How Churches Can Help

Rick Warren’s Book “Transformed” says Physical health is an act of worship.

  • Stress the need for health from the pulpit. Make sure people understand the correlation between physical health and spiritual health.
  • Organize physical activities in your church
  • Church sport leagues, Group Fitness classes, Fundraising 5Ks

Photo by Liam Matthews / CC BY

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