We’re back after a two week Easter break! This episode we turn the tables on Rocky, and he becomes the interviewee. In addition to Productive Ministry, Rocky Hernandez is the Connections Pastor at Community Life Church, where a major function of his job is getting people plugged into the many serving opportunities at the church. He has also recruited and trained volunteers under a number of different ministry situations, from youth ministry to national conferences and more. You won’t want to miss what he has to say about volunteers!

Ministry Volunteer Opportunities Are Not Just About Getting Stuff Done

There is a reason churches don’t just pay people to do every task, and the reason shouldn’t be money. Volunteer opportunities not only accomplish the tasks needed for running the church, but they also get new people plugged into the life of your church, help people discover gifts, and grow your congregation’s spiritual maturity.

Make Your Volunteer Opportunities More Complex, Not Less

Common sense would dictate that you should streamline your process in order to require as few volunteers as possible to accomplish a given task. However, that strategy is actually counter to accomplishing the primary goals of ministry volunteer opportunities. By creating more parts that need more people, you create more opportunities for people to get involved in your church.

Make Your Volunteer Opportunities Require More, Not Less

Especially when the volunteer positions are for sensitive or important functions (like Youth Sponsors), the commitment should require more of the volunteer, not less. This will naturally weed out those that shouldn’t be serving in those kinds of positions as well as give you the tools you need to actually accomplish the higher level functions.

Give All Volunteer Opportunities a Time Limit

Setting time limits on volunteer positions is helpful in many ways. It will ensure that people don’t get stuck in a ministry area and eventually burn out. It gives easy cover for moving people from opportunities they may not be suited for into places where they can better serve. It also ensure that people are being pushed to explore different kinds of service as well as maturing.

Celebrate Your Volunteers and Celebrate With Your Volunteers

The easiest way to begin reshaping the volunteer culture at your ministry is by showing your appreciation to your existing volunteers. Sending them encouraging notes and gift cards will keep them from feeling underappreciated and, in conjunction with time limits, keep them from burning out.


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