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Loving All Peoples with Kyle Jenkins | Productive Ministry


Kyle Jenkins along with his wife Melissa started Loving All Peoples (formerly known as Vickery Meadow Ministry) in 2003 after deciding to pour out their lives for Jesus and move into the Vickery Meadows community of Dallas. Their heart is to love and encourage others to love all peoples with the love of Christ that is inside of them. Over the years, they have worked among multiple international people groups, in multiple lower-income apartment communities, among the gay-community, and among people stuck in the sex-industry. Their purpose: Make disciples and plant churches among all people groups in the DFW area.


Excerpt from Loving All Peoples’ Website:

Why our team sometimes carries the cross:

Our heart is to show an expression of Jesus to people that is pure; separate from religion, politics, and even American Christian culture. You might think that carrying a giant cross around town is not the smartest way to convey that message:) When people see someone carrying a cross around, you can just imagine what is going through their mind, and because of their preconceived ideas about Christianity or the Church, what is going on in their mind is probably negative. But this is the reason why we carry the cross and go to people!

We want to show them that this is not the case. We want them to experience a follower of Jesus up close. We want to show them that we are about love and not spreading our “agenda” or spreading a message of hate or judgment. Jesus is all about loving people and that is what we want people to experience.


Excerpt from Loving All Peoples Website:

We feel like God is showing us another way, which is to train Christians of other nationalities on how to make disciples who make disciples within their own people groups by starting small groups who discover God together. We are currently connecting with so many Christians of other nationalities for the purpose of working together to start these groups among all people groups in Dallas. So along with our work to reach people ourselves, we are also training Christians of other nationalities (including Americans) to reach their own cultures. It is such a blessing and we are full of excitement!



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Photo by Brett Vance/Flickr

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One comment on “#21 Loving All Peoples with Kyle Jenkins

  1. Mustapha Sandi Jun 27, 2017

    This is a great service to God and the community. May He increase your zeal and make provisions as you reach out to the neglected in life.

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