#4: The Worship Leader as Pastor

Will Warfel graduated from Dallas Christian College in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible and Youth and Family Ministry. He has served in full-time and part-time ministries, worked in the corporate world, and traveled and played as a recording artist in the independent band, Hollow. Will possesses the desire and calling from God to lead others into a relationship with God through worship and music.

Why Worship ministry

a. Desire to do ministry
b. Musical talent
c. Desire to do music with a message
a. Christian music has a language
b. Positive music with hope that create opportunity to discuss faith

It carries over to worship

a. Music in the church still needs explanation
b. That explanation requires conversation
c. Conversation requires a relationship

Worship minister as pastor

a. Pastoring people as a worship leader is as/more important than just leading them in song
b. Get into people’s lives, have a relationship
c. Humility is how it starts
d. Be genuine, that goes beyond just music

Superficial and having standards

a. There is a balance competence and calling
b. This doesn’t mean everyone gets to be in the band
c. Difficult conversations can happen, but they can provide an opportunity to learn

How to help that process

a. Make the environment for rehearsal and audition laid back
b. Exposure to an open rehearsal will help interested volunteers know if they are ready on their own
c. Provide a place to seek out and develop worship team members at different levels

The Goal of the worship pastor

a. Leading members to Christ
b. Making disciples
c. Encouraging them to disciple others
d. Conviction trumps talent

How to keep your team humble

a. Model it
b. Keep egos in check
c. Help volunteers remember the goal is to point others to Christ, not themselves

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