Janet Arnold is a human resource professional with over 15 years experience who works at a Financial firm in San Antonio, TX. In today’s episode she helps navigate the pitfalls of vacation time.

Show Notes:

Vacations are Important

  • Providing vacation time is an important thing to any organization that wants to be competitive.
  • Many people have vacation time but don’t take. They have FOMO (fear of missing out) when it comes to being out of the office.  Many pastors don’t take vacation for this reason, they also worry about things in the church going wrong while they are not there, but the truth is that taking vacation time can make you more productive.

It is Important for Ministers to Unplug

  • We are often to available even while we are out of the office on vacation. It is important for us to redirect. Does you congregation know when you are unavailable? Do they know who to go to for help in those situations?
  • To help this, make sure your staff, leadership. and volunteers are equipped to handle things that they may b called on to do.
  • Some pastors may not want their congregation to know they are out of town for fear that people may not show up, even so communication is very important.
  • Does your church not have to ability to sustain its self without you?
  • “the mark of good leadership is not how well things run when you are there, but how well they run when you are not there”
  • “When you don’t delegate you are not allowing your staff to grow. You are not really leading them.” – Janet Arnold

Out of Office Messages

  • Should be personal
  • Should make people feel valued
  • Should tell people who can help them in your absence.
  • We want to make it easy for people who need help to find it.

Dealing With Problems

  • Know that it is impossible to cover or foresee every possible scenario
  • Make sure your staff knows what sort of emergency justifies them calling you while you are on vacation,
  • Empower your leaders to make decisions that are important
  • Make sure they are not afraid to make a mistake

Difficulty Taking a Vacation

  • If you have problems actually using your vacation time try this:
    • Get accountability
    • Know when you want to go
    • Get other people involved in the process.

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