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Rob Cox is a practice manager at The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit, the research, consulting, and publishing arm of The Starr Conspiracy. At The Starr Conspiracy, Rob consults and delivers services across the spectrum of product strategy, brand, message, go-to-market, and promotional programs for some of the firm’s largest and most disruptive clients.

Before joining The Starr Conspiracy, Rob served as a speechwriter and media relations expert for the mayor of Fort Worth, a reporter and editor for a Dallas tech startup, and an account supervisor and digital consultant for a communications agency. At home, Rob is a husband, dad, chiweenie owner, avid guitar player, and absolute nerd about all things film and music.

You can follow Rob on Twitter at @RobCoxDFW.



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Start with Your Name

The best organizations are the ones that are marketing lead. Take a step back and look at your church from a high-level view. Start as far back as the name of your church, is your name communicating what you want.


Your Brand

Be yourself.  Archetype Branding – there are twelve major archetypes that are rooted in the minds of the public’s subconscious Knowing your church’s archetype will help your voice sound authentic to your community. Authenticity is important being who you are is important. If you pretend to be soothing you are not, people will call you out on it.


Your Audience

Your Audience is your community. You must be able to communicate with them. This starts with staff. If you have no one on your staff that is a representative of your community, then you are already losing. People want to be able to connect with you, but it is difficult to do that if they have no representation in your church. Your Brand and personality should be informed by your audience, for that to be authentic your audience must be on your staff.

Next Know Your Values

Values are going to be the things that more involved or Radical Christians are going to connect with. They are looking for churches that connect with their values to serve in, to give too, etc. Values are things like discipleship, or worship, or missions. Jus things that your church is already doing well. You should own those things and not try to change them.  They are also things that help differentiate your church form others.


Anything that sets you apart as a church, can make you stand out from other churches. Sometimes that is your pastor, or a program or your worship service might be longer than anyone else’s. Whatever sets you apart can be marketed to your benefit and should be something you can lead with and develop.

Marketing Strategy

To develop your marketing strategy, you must keep your eyes on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) These are things Like attendance, giving, Sunday school attendance etc. These will tell you the areas you are weak in, and where you should be focusing your efforts. Develop a strategy around those things.

Major Events

Resist the temptation to do a month to month plan on marketing strategies. Focus on the big things and promote them. Natural big attendance Days are great. Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day, and other big events that are specific to your church are great things to focus you marketing on.

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