Extreme Prayer PM029

Extreme Prayer is about how to make prayer the core strategy to grow your business or ministry. Extreme Prayer illustrates how to pray in a way that Jesus promises will release infinite power from God for serving in the Kingdom

Staff Conflict PM027

Staff conflict is a common thing, but if left unconfronted it can cause an organization to implode. Scotty Sanders coaches us to deal with this conflict.

The Nashville Statement PM026

The Nashville Statement PM026 Featuring Joe Paris Joe Paris is a Campus and Teaching Pastor in North Texas. He is passionate about sharing his faith and teaching. He loves helping college students understand what they…

Addiction PM025

Addiction is a serious problem for many Christians. Scott Stohner tells us how the Church can better help those who are struggling with addiction.

Camp Stories PM024

Summer Camp Stories In this Episode we tell three stories from camp: The first with Trevor Harrison about when everything goes Wrong The Second with Tim Jenkins about feeling like you belong for the first…

#19: Refugee Crisis

Wes Magruder, UMC pastor and author, speaks about the church’s role in the ongoing refugee crisis, which is the biggest it has been since World War 2, defining the problem and shifting our paradigm.

#16: Spiritual Formation With Brandon Forsythe

We speak with Brandon Forsythe, Minister of Spiritual Formation at Northside Christian Church in Spring, Texas, about what Spiritual Formation is: the formation of the heart, seeking to connect with God in a deep way, and allowing the Spirit to bring transformation inside you.

#15: Secrets of the Modern Worship Leader

Rocky Hernandez, Tim Jenkins, and Will Warfel (BridgeWay Church, @Wafflewarfel) talk about many aspects of modern worship service planning. Mentioned in the episode: CCLI’s Song Select Planning Center Worship Leader.com’s Top 20 of 2016 —…

#13: Health With Lori McGinnis

Health is a struggle for lots of people, but physical health is a discipline that can help you feel better, look better, and relieve stress. Lori McGinnis has been a Group Fitness Instructor for 33 years and is currently leading classes with 24 Hour Fitness.

#12: Community

There are a lot of reasons Pastors struggle with community, including sin and fear. Rocky talks honestly with Casey Coats of c|Life about those struggles.

#9: Joy

How important is having joy? What role does joy play in ministry? In this episode, Tim and Rocky discuss why we should cultivate joy in our ministries.

#8 : Marketing

Rob Cox is a practice manager at The Starr Conspiracy Intelligence Unit, the research, consulting, and publishing arm of The Starr Conspiracy. At The Starr Conspiracy, Rob consults and delivers services across the spectrum of product strategy, brand, message, go-to-market, and promotional programs for some of the firm’s largest and most disruptive clients.

#7: Racism

Kingston & Krystal Arthur began their ministry at Ferguson Christian Church in Ferguson, MO a year after the shooting death of Michael Brown. They discuss the impact of race on their ministry and how being an interracial couple shapes their perspective and affects their interactions with their community.

#6: Cultivating Leaders

We interview Ted Smith, Regional Director of Ministry for World Impact’s Midwest Region & Dean of the Urban Ministry Institute in Dallas, Texas, about cultivating leaders.

#5: Marriage

We interview author Lucille Williams about her upcoming book From Me to We. Lucille also writes regularly at her blog, LuSays.com. You can preorder her book on Amazon.com.

#3: Christmas Stories

It’s the Productive Ministry Podcast Christmas Special! Rocky and Tim bring you two stories of Christmas from their own lives.